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We accept different types of payments from the major brands of credit cards, and others.
You can also pay with cash or commercial checks (no-personal checks) registered companies and if you are tax exempt, please have the form completed with the corresponding information to the entity authorized by the IRS.


All custom work and orders are non-refundable. but we guarantee customer satisfaction in quality, good service and delivery time. To avoid confusion, we use the PRE-approval service by sending each client the example of texts, logos, photos or the design of the order in question. The customer can view digitally through a text message or email before their order is manufactured. Thus we avoid up to 90% errors or misunderstandings. If the client for any justified reason is not satisfied, the administration can make exceptions and give credits so that the client can make another purchase in our store only. This is not a refund, this is a store credit. If you have any further questions, please send details to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for understand.

Do you send orders to other states?

Yes, we ship orders to other states of the United States. We do not ship to other countries, but if you wish, you have to communicate with our administration and we can work with each client individually. For this, you have to contact us by sending an email to

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